Macy’s Insite is the official website designed for the employees of Macy’s. In case you didn’t know, Macy’s is an upscale department store that is owned by a US-based multinational company. The website helps the employees of Macy’s to manage their benefits and access their paychecks as well. So if you are an employee of Macy’s, you will be given access to this portal in order to help you in managing your employee benefits as well as connect with other employees as well.

Website Compatibility

Take note that Macy’s Insite will work better on Internet Explorer browsers, with a 7.0 version. It is also compatible with the Firefox version 3.0 and you should have the Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 version to be able to make use of the site well.

It is also recommended that you check the security settings of your computer before you begin using the Macy’s Insite. Make sure that the cookies, java scripts as well as the style sheets are all enabled for better viewing of the graphics and images on the site. Employees can also view relevant facts and information about the company and its associates through the site and allows them to access their paycheck information too.

Employee Schedule at Macy’s Insite Employee Connection

In order to apply online securely, you will need to provide the required information so that the website will be able to validate your identity. As soon as you are able to access the website, you will then find out the employee schedule at Macy’s Insite employee connection

How to Access the Site

• First of all, go to

• You will then be asked to log in to the site.

• Key-in your 8-digit employee ID as well as password and then click on sign in.

• If you do not have an account yet, then you should click on the link that says “new user”. For those who forgot their ID, then they should click on the “forgot id” link, which is also found below the sign-in form.

• You should provide your four-digit number before you can start using the Macy’s Insite employee connection site.

• You need to also provide your 8-digit employee ID as well as your date of birth and your 5-digit zip code.

• Your mother’s maiden name is also required and after you have provided all the information, you should click on the sign-in button. The next page will then ask you to provide a password. As soon as you confirm it, you are now successfully registered to the Macy’s Insite employee connection site.