Macy’s is one of the well known department stores in the USA. With the number of stores that this company has and the number of employees that it employs, Macy’s designed the Macy’s insite connection website. This website is a data base that is only accessible to its employees and is designed to keep its employees information organized and secure while being easily accessible to the employees.

Macy's Insite

Macy’s Insite Employee connection

Recognizing the need for keeping the information of its employees secure and private made the company set up a website called Macy’s insite employees connection. What this lets the employees do is;

• Check on their benefits.
• Check their medical care and make changes to their medical and dental coverage
• Give them news and information about the company as well as read amagazine which is dedicated to the employees.
• It also lets the employees solve any problems or discrepancies that they may find with either their pay or benefits.
• The employees can also change social security and 401K information.
• They can view their W2 and other employee information.

Macy’s insite Employee log in

If you are new to the Macy’s insite website you will have to register with the site to be able to log in and use the facilities that are available. To do this you will need to;

• Go to
• Click the insite logo
• Under the space you are needed to enter your employee ID and password you have new user/ forgot password option. Click on this.
• You now will be taken to a validation screen where you have to fill in personal details like your social security number, 8 digit employee ID, birth date, home zip code and your mothers maiden name.
• Now click on sign in
• You will be assigned a temporary password which you can change to access the site.

If you already are registered with the site then all you have to do when you go to Is to click on the insite logo then click on the Sign in button and fill in your employee ID and password.

Macy’s insite my Schedule

Macy’s insite website also contains information pertaining to your schedule. To access this information you have to first go to

• Now you have to log in to your account.
• Once you are logged in click on ‘My schedule’ it will be on the left hand in the menu area.
• This will show you your schedule.

Macy’s insite website not only lets the employees check on information they need about themselves and the company but only the administration at Macy’s can access the employee information making this a very secure site for the employees.