Anytime you go to work for one of the most storied names in all of the retail there are going to be some pretty strict criteria and requirements to become a part of the team over the long haul. In fact, even if you don’t see working at Macy’s as your long-term career strategy – either on the floor or through their management training system – you’ll still want to try and ingrain as many of the Macy’s employee criteria as humanly possible right down into your bones.

Macy’s employees are tremendously smart

While people have a bit of a tendency to look down their nose at the folks who work in retail as people who don’t have the drive or intelligence to take on more difficult jobs, anyone who has been responsible for all of the different products and solutions inside of a store on the scale of Macy’s understands that nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that you will be tasked with a tremendous amount of responsibility almost from day one, and while you’ll get all of the necessary training to assist you every step of the way in this process it’s on you to make sure that you absorb everything that’s going on around you. Macy’s employees are tremendously smart people, and are able to juggle a number of different tasks a single time.

Macy’s employees are very friendly

Because you’ll be a public face of a very public company, you’ll need to make sure that you have all the necessary personal skills before you intend to fill out the forms on the Macy’s employee website and go for a job application.
Very few jobs at Macy’s allow you to disappear into the back, so to speak – almost all of them will put you right up front and center with the general public and have you interacting with folks of all different walks of life on a regular and daily basis

Macy’s employees are true professionals

Just a look around at the employees who work at Macy’s – or even the pictures on the Macy’s employee website – will give you an idea of just how seriously they take their professionalism. Unlike other retail locations where pretty much anything goes, Macy’s holds all of her employees to tremendous standards of professionalism, with everything from the clothes that they wear to the readings that they use to interact with all of the guests being outlined specifically.