As an employee of Macys, it is important that you are aware of the Macys employee discount which you can avail of. There are several different kinds of discounts that you can enjoy as an associate of Macys and these discounts allow you to shop online and enjoy great savings.

The discounts are exclusive for Macys employees only. To find out more information about the Macys employee discount, all you need to do is to go online and check out the website.

All about Macys

Macys started as a company operating under the name “R H Macy & Co”. They are among the biggest chains of department stores in the US, owned and managed by an American multinational corporation. Macys is an affiliate of Bloomingdale’s, although the latter focuses more in the upscale market. To date, Macys has stores in almost 800 locations all over the United States and has almost 200,000 employees working for them, and all of these employees can avail of the Macys employee discount.

Associate Discount

The employee discount, which is also called as the associate discount, is a kind of privilege which employees of Macys can enjoy. These discounts can be availed on some vendor partners of Macys and members can receive as much as 20 percent discount each time they shop.

The discounts are applicable on sale and non sale merchandise as well as on some selected services. The Macys employee discount can also be availed at Bloomingdale’s, Macys, and through their online store, and The discount is being applied as “back of office” which means that you will receive the discount when you pay your purchases using the Macys credit card or a pre-pay card from Macys.

Active Status Eligibility

The following are eligible for the Macys employee discount:

• Active associates – all active employees and associates of Macys and their affiliated companies can enjoy the discount, including the recognition discount as well as the extra associate discount. They must obtain a credit card account with Macys or a pre-pay account.

• Active employees of Bloomingdale’s – all active employees of Bloomingdale’s can also enjoy the Macys employee discount, and they can also make use of Macys coupons each time they shop at any of the Macys store, including its affiliates.

• Active employees of vendor partners – All the active employees of Macys vendor partners can also take advantage of the employee discount. These employees may also be eligible for the extra associate discount, style at work discount, as well as coupon discounts. But they are not entitled for the recognition discount as this kind of Macys employee discount is exclusive for Macys associates only.